Who am I?

I am an engineering and research manager at Snap Research, where I lead the R&D efforts of multiple recommendation, discovery and search products. Before joining Snap, I was a senior research manager at Yahoo! Labs, Silicon Valley. At Yahoo!, I led the efforts to improve the ranking of aggregated search results (web, news, movies, local, shopping etc.) on the Yahoo! search result page and on understanding the users' intents given a query. Prior to join Yahoo labs, I was a research apprentice at Idiap Research Institute. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2011.


I am broadly interested in different fields of artificial intelligence, and my research focused on web search, machine learning, recommendation systems, data mining, information retrieval, and multimedia information processing.  



  • Map lauched! -- Snapchat launches location-sharing feature Snap Map.
  • Stories Search lauched! -- Snapchat now lets you search across over 1 million Stories.
  • A paper by Carl J. Yang, Lin Zhong, Li-Jia Li and me has been accepted WWW 2017. It is the first published paper which uses an official Snapchat dataset.
  • WSDM 2018 will be held in Los Angeles in February 2018, I am going to serve as a Local Chair of the conference.
  • A paper by Xiaolong Wang, Jingjing Wang, me, Yi Chang, ChengXiang Zhai on learning from crowdsourcing data has been accepted as a regular paper at ICDM 2016.
  • Ke Zhou from Yahoo! Lab, Yiqun Liu from Tsinghua University, Joemon M. Jose from University of Glasgow and I will organize The Second Workshop on Heterogeneous Information Access (HIA) at SIGIR 2016.
  • Our paper entitled “Beyond Ranking: Optimizing Whole-Page Presentation” won the Best Paper Award at WSDM 2016.
  • Launched our first product in Snapchat -- Story Explorer.
  • A paper by Yue Wang, Dawei Yin, me, Pengyuan Wang, Makoto Yamada, Yi Chang and Qiaozhu Mei on page optimization has been accepted to WSDM 2016.
  • A paper by Jingyuan Zhang, me, Altaf Rahman, Yi Chang, Philip S. Yu on learning entity type from search queries has been accepted to CIKM 2015.
  • I gradudated from Yahoo! Labs, and joined Snapchat as a research scientist in May, 2015.
  • A paper by Weize Kong, Rui Li, me, Aston Zhang, Yi Chang, James Allan on "pre-search context" has been accepted to SIGIR 2015.